When I think of writing, I instantly think of the character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City.She was real, her life wasn’t a fairy tale. Real things happened that could happen to any other woman.

Now although she mainly wrote about finding love, losing love or general encounters, which did indeed involve sex, I love to focus on the relationship she has with her girlfriends – Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. I cannot help but compare it with the relationship I have with my pals!
Having the best of friends is really something worth writing about, especially with friends like mine. The ones that come to the clinic with you to make sure everything is fine after being cheated on by the cave man with the tribal tattoo… The ones who stand and wait whilst your pregnancy test gives you that fatal answer after running back to that one ex once too many times; the ones that are like brothers to me and I can be my total self around and trust with my life; the ones I go to raves with who really know how to have a laugh – and all of them go out and get ridiculously drunk with me just for the sake of it – yep! they are my best friends.
Don’t get me wrong, every last one of my friends are party animals, but we don’t need to drink to have fun. If its not a girly night with a top notch Bradford curry, it’s going on drives and singing at the top of our voices like no one is watching – till we hit a red light! Or it’s going out for food and seeing how much we can eat.
I think we can all agree the best memories are with your friends. If not and if it’s with your partner, I salute you for finding your soul mate so early… but I for one could not imagine my life any other way. I am 20 years old, my only 2 serious relationships ended the same way – me crying at 4am watching Bridget Jones whilst continuously shotting vodka wondering why and dwelling on ‘what could’ve been’. I’m sure we have all been there. This also involves smoking like a chimney outside of a club ranting to people you’ve never met before, starting every sentence with ‘at the end of the day’ and ending it with ‘do you know what I mean?’ – and your Eylure lashes are sliding down your face because you cried so much. Depressing I know, but lucky for me this isn’t very often… With my friends, there is hardly time to be upset – we are too busy partying and forgetting our own names. You’re only young once, right?
My first night out was when I was 16. Me and my girlfriends ALL got dumped at the same time – I don’t think the timing could of been any better! We all got dressed up, managed to find ID that looked nothing like us, but we got in with it anyway, and got ridiculously drunk off £2 shots of Apple Sourz and any drinks that we would get bought for us. This night changed my outlook on life, yes I was only 16 and my whole life was ahead of me, but from looking around at my family & how they all met their partners young and grew with them over the years – I believed that was the right way to do it. Very old fashioned of me. Now I wouldn’t dream of it. I mean yeah, if I meet the right one then so be it, I am lucky (the right one been someone who’s lifestyle can mix in with mine and doesn’t try to change me or go against anything that makes me happy) (and who doesn’t want to become me and my friends) (if only) but I am a great believer in whatever will be, will be. Till then, I’m doing what I want… I’m going on that night out, on that holiday, I’m taking that job and I am hanging around with the loves of my life. I will make memories to make sure I die smiling.
From then – I have lived by doing what makes me happy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am far too young to be living by other peoples expectations instead of my own. This has lead to treasured memories that I will never forget, with all my favorite people. And this post is dedicated to all of them. My true soul mates.


bucket list to complete before i am 30!

. revisit the places i have already been to retake all my lost photos 😦 this includes Vegas, New Zealand and Switzerland.

. visit Prague, Poland, Budapest in 2018!

. begin my journalism studies!

. see Kasabian live

. finally complete all my grades in my piano

. go to an outdoor festival

. take up Tango lessons

. go see a broadway show

. Maldives with the one i love

.  get my own car

. become a qualified scuba diver

. swim with the dolphins

. whale watching

. conservation work to preserve wild life

. celebrate David Bowie’s birthday in his hometown

. visit Harry Potter studios

. visit Paris

. run down the streets of New York as if i’m Carrie Bradshaw

. ride bikes around Barcelona with my best friends!

. visit Disney Land with the one i love.

. drive down Route 66.

. visit Jim Morrison’s grave

. stay in a country house in Ireland with my friends for a weekend.

. see the northern lights

. see Mount John Observatory at night (New Zealand)

. working holiday in Australia

. work a season in Ibiza!

. girls holiday to Cancun!

. go to a museum in every country i visit!

. find my perfect career

. try every cocktail in a cocktail bar!

. reapply for my skiing diploma!

. travel a place in Europe with my dog!

. ride a mechanical bull without falling off

. play the piano in St Pancras station

. Celebrate my 25th birthday in Venice

. celebrate my 21st in Vegas

. honey moon in Jamaica

. working holiday in Bora Bora

. attend an England football match

. manage to do the move from Dirty Dancing with someone… any takers?

. have a day out with just me and my grandma at the sea side!

. horse ride on the beach

. be happy.